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Mr. Green - PCHS Biology Instructor

Biology I Syllabus
Honors Biology I Syllabus
AP Biology Syllabus
The ATP Cycle

Hi, my name is Robert Green. I have been teaching Biology I, Honors Biology I, and AP Biology at Port Charlotte High School for the past 3 years. This site is important to our class since you can: review the syllabus, look to see what assignments you missed, review classroom notes and presentations and visit the current unit's curriculum page. The homepage is basically the class's personal news letter that allow you and your parents to keep up to date with the class.

Events and Announcements
Updated 3/23/08

Biology I and Honors Biology I


The "Unit 4" test covering metabolism and energy is approaching quickly ladies and gentlemen. If you need help understanding concepts please come to the after school tutoring session from 3:00 - 4:30 M-F.


Honors Biology I and AP Biology students who have qualified for the State Science Fair: There will be a mandatory meeting on April 15th at 5:30 in my room to discuss rules, presentation tips and hotel information. Students need to bring one parent to the meeting or can jeopardize their spot.


AP Biology


Starting now until the AP Exam will be a series of mandatory practice AP exam sessions. Each session you attend will count towards your 5% bonus that will be added to your final grade. Check the "Assignment" page for dates and times.

Biology I Question of the Week

Earth Spinning

What are the three components of ATP and ADP?
5 bounus points will be awarded towards the Unit 4 test.

Last week's question: Name the three types of macromolecules.

Last week's answers: Carbohydrates, Lipids,  and Proteins

In the News


Congradulations to Regional Science Fair participants
First Place - Jeff , Jamie , Micheal , James, Angel, Ashley, Leah, Sasha, and Angelica
Second Place - Robert, Yuki, Debra, Danelle, and Amberlee.
Third Place - Renee, Dominique, Jasime, and Ellie
Honorable Mentions - Manny, Emma, Toby, Spinner, and Paige

Attention Students: FCAT week will begin April 5 thru April 9. I hope everyone will do well on the Science FCAT. You guys have worked so hard. Show the state what you know! Remember to stay calms, focus, and alert. Do the question you know first, then go back to the hard ones.

Last Revised 3/27/08
Attention viewers: this is not a real teacher curriculum site. This site was create for an assignment for one of my education course.

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