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Mr. Green - PCHS Biology Instructor

The ATP Cycle

Biology I Syllabus
Honors Biology I Syllabus
AP Biology Syllabus
The ATP Cycle

In class we have been studying ATP, ADP and the ATP Cycle. ATP, ADP and the ATP Cycle are very important concepts to master in order to understand how a cell uses energy. Site below are for:

  • Background information on ATP and ADP
  • The ATP Cycle
  • Course Notes and Information


The following sites contain background information on ATP and ADP.
  • Adenosine Triphosphate - This site give some background information on ATP and ADP that is  notcovered in our textbook.
  • Molecule of the Month - Excellent background and historical information on ATP.
  • ATP Activity - This site corresponds with out textbook. You get to label ATP and ADP here. (Enter the code cbd-3081 to access the activity.)
  • Biology EOCT - Refer to pages 26-30. This also include information on Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration which is what are next unit will be about.


The following sites contain information on the ATP Cycle and labeling the components of the ATP Cycle.
  • Interactive Self-Test - You can construct two- and three-dimensional model of an ATP molecule, label various parts of the molecule. (Use the code cba-3080 to access the activity.)
  • ATP Cycle Animation - A short animation move that shows the ATP Cycle in a loop. Requires Quick Time
This is another video that animates the ATP Cycle.


Course Notes and Information

ATP Cycle Notes

Review: ATP Cycle PowerPoint

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