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Mr. Green - PCHS Biology Instructor

Honors Biology I Syllabus

Biology I Syllabus
Honors Biology I Syllabus
AP Biology Syllabus
The ATP Cycle

Welcome to my honors biology class. This science class is going to be different from previous science classes because I integrate technology into a majority of my curriculum as well as letting the student conduct the learning while I facilitate the learning. Unlike the general biology class, we will go into depth in some topics. So I hope you will like to join me on this biology quest.


General Expectations:

      Know and follow the school's policy and classroom rules

      Always be courteous and respectful towards your fellow students

      Accept responsibility for completing your own work


Required Materials: Bring these materials to class daily.

      Biology: Concepts and Connections, Campbell and Reese 5th Ed. (Leave it at home)

      calculator (dollar store's calculators are fine)

      a bound notebook for all of your lab work (college or wide rule)

      1'' binder for all other class activities


      Color Pencils or Markers 


Grading Policy:  Grades will be based on the percentage of points earned in the three categories listed below. The three category averages will be weighted as follows:

First Semester

      45%     Tests & Quizzes

      15%     Labs

      15%     Science Fair

      25%     Class Work & Homework

Second Semester

      45%     Test and Quizzes

      30%     Labs

      25%     Class Work & Homework


90 – 100          A         Outstanding Performance

80 – 89            B         Above Average Performance

70 – 79            C         Average Performance

60 – 69            D         Below Average Performance

0 – 59              F          Failing


Y You will successfully complete a research project to be entered in the PCHS SCIENCE FAIR.

Science Fair Important dates:

Topic Selection- TBA

Research Plan, Bibliography, Necessary Certification Forms- TBA

PCHS Science Fair- TBA

Edison Regional Science Fair- TBA

State of Florida Science Fair- TBA

International Science Fair- TBA


You will participate in one special Ecology Project during the 4th marking period that will account for 25% of you lab grade.


Make-Up Work: It is your responsibility to obtain and complete make-up work.

      For each day of school missed, two days are allowed to complete any makeup work.

      If absent on the day of a lab, students are requires to write a 2-3 page research paper on a given topic.

      If absent the day lab notebooks are due, turn in your lab notebook the next day.

      If absent the day of a test, be prepared to take the test in the next two days before or after school


Late Assignments will not be accepted, you will receive a zero!

Course Outline


First Semester

Unit 1: The Nature of Life

Unit 2: The Cell

Unit 3: Genetics

Unit 4: Evolution

Science Fair

Second Semester

Unit 5: Bacteria, Viruses, and the Fungi Kingdom

Unit 6: The Plant Kingdom

Unit 7: The Animal Kingdom

Unit 8: The Human Body

Unit 9: Ecology


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